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2 Sticky: Simply Fortran 3.0

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6 link error

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7 Shapes

by tun_day

8 Merge Sort Routine

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11 Editor drag&drop malfunction

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12 Opening binary file

by Mikhail

14 OpenMP and AMD Ryzen CPU

by grogley

15 Compilation error

by zamir.afsar

16 Disenable MPI feature

by JulesVerne

17 Cairo calling

by Carlos Herrera

18 Problem with compiling

by ranjith

20 Using DISLIN with SF in MacOS

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21 Editable file locations

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22 FPP files

by Nels Ruud

24 Compile one source file

by JohnWasilewski

25 AppGraf Mac, Lin

by JohnWasilewski

26 Apple silicon support

by ranjith

27 Fortran TCP/IP sockets

by peter.kelly

29 SF3Win under LinWINE

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