Topic: File Associations

Here are some file extensions I would like to open in Simply Text on mobile by tap in File Explorer etcetera. (Mobile doesn't provide a way for the user to add/change File Associations):


Re: File Associations

The .htm and .html are already supported, so I'm not sure why that wouldn't work.  I've added the following:

  • .css

  • .log

  • .nfo

  • .1st

  • .diz

  • .csv

  • .provxml

  • .cmd

  • .rss

  • .atom

  • .admx

I'm not sure adding .reg or .inf is particularly advisable since these files are normally used for registry entries and driver information respectively on Windows.  You may be able to convince me otherwise, though.

An update with these additions should be available in a day or two.

EDIT: Quick correction, .bat and .cmd are not supported as file associations because Windows does not allow sandboxed apps to open these files (apparently).

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC