Topic: Possible issues with new icon feature in 1.38

Only hours after release, a small issue concerning the inclusion of an icon in your compiled program has been uncovered by a user.  As a warning:

1.  Spaces in the path to the icon file will cause the compiler to fail.  This error is due to the handling of the Makefile generation.

2.  After an upgrade, the path to the resource compiler, used to include the icon in the program, may not be properly configured.  To manually configure it, open the Compiler Options dialog via the Options menu, select Browse next to the Resource Compiler Location box, and navigate to either:

C:\Program Files\Simply Fortran\mingw-w64\bin\windres.exe


C:\Program Files (x86)\Simply Fortran\mingw-w64\bin\windres.exe

Select the file and click Ok.  Finally, click Ok in the Compiler Options dialog, and everything should be working.

These bugs affect Build 1091 of version 1.38.  I'll post here as soon as an updated build of 1.38 is available fixing these two issues.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Possible issues with new icon feature in 1.38

A new release is available from that fixes the issue reported along with a handful of other minor problems.  If you've installed 1.38, and you're experiencing issues, try downloading and installing the installer that is now posted.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC