Topic: Finding cause of IEEE errors

At the end of runs of my program I get the message
  "Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signaling: IEEE_INVALID_FLAG IEEE_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO".

How can I find out what program statement(s) cause the exceptions?

Re: Finding cause of IEEE errors

You'll need to instruct the Fortran runtime library to trap said errors.  To enable trapping these errors, first open the Project Options window by clicking "Options" in the Project menu.  Next, click the "Compiler Flags" tab.  Add the following to the Fortran flags:


Note that there are no spaces in the above flag, including after the comma.  Click Ok in the Project Options window.  Next, click "Clean" in the Build menu, and finally "Build Now!" in the Build menu.

The above should cause the runtime library to stop when the errors are encountered and produce a backtrace, letting you know where the function occurred.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC