Topic: Possible Bug in Appgraphics

Hi Jeff,

I'm using SF with a menu created with Appgraphics (e.g., File/Open, File/Run, File/Quit). You get the idea.
Using the logic that you suggested in a prior post on "resizing windows", I tried my program and ran it within the SF application.

Then I started receiving intermitant error messages that crashed my program (but not SF) that I couldn't explain.

The error message that repeatedly occurred was as follows:
"Error, Drawing operation was attempted when there was no current window."

After many trials and error after error, I finally realized an odd thing about when this error occurs.

Oddly, it only occurs when the mouse pointer is over the Appgraphics window while the program is running.

And it doesn't seem to matter even when the mouse pointer is perfectly still as long as it's over the window.

If I run the same program (without any changes or recompiling) but move the mouse pointer to the side and off of the window when the program is selected to run, then everything runs smoothly with no errors.  I can repeat this over and over again.

Any clue what's happening here?

All suggestions are welcome as I'm clueless.


Re: Possible Bug in Appgraphics


An update on my prior email regarding the error message issue when the mouse pointer is held over the Appgraphics menu window during a external routine running in a loop,
"Error, Drawing operation was attempted when there was no current window."

I should have informed you that I was also implementing the progress bar routine using Appgraphics that you generously supplied while running the loop so that the progress of convergence could be followed visually.

I wondered whether this routine was causing problems and somehow 'talking' to the mouse.  Therefore, I commented out the lines related to the progress bar, and what do you know, the routine run just fine (no errors).

I thought that the progress bar might be causing the problem because your Resize window routine has no problem running when you move the mouse pointer over the window.

Perhaps this will provide a clue to a solution as I would like to continue to use the Progress Bar routine that you developed; it's a very nice feature to add to a running routine so that the user receives feedback and can see that the routine is still running.

If you have any suggestions or work arounds, I would be interested in trying them.

Thanks for all you effort in developing Appgraphics for SF,