Topic: Console Freezing Up with lots of Output

Hi there,

A simple one which can be frustrating.

Occasionally I put print statements into my loops to view the output and occasionally this outputs a lot of text to the *console* tab.
I find that Simplyfortran freezes up (not crash), turns grey and the windows 10 circle mouse cursor is shown busy.  This will continue until the program finishes or Simplyfortran is terminated by the user. 

I wish there was a way to terminate the running program when this happens rather than forcing a termination of Simplyfortran.  In the command prompt, the output writes out the data to the screen fine and can be closed but this freezing in the *console* tab doesn't allow one to stop the rapidly outputting code.

Re: Console Freezing Up with lots of Output

There are some pretty substantial limitations with the built-in console.  I'll try to revisit its handling of rapid output.  However, I normally suggest that users with large amounts of output use the external console. This feature can be enabled for your project from the Launch Options window.   After making this change, though, be sure to save your project or the setting will not persist.

I'll have a look at the console code in the meantime.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC