Topic: Where are the Fortran compiler options listed?

I downloaded simply fortran to evaluate it.
So far, it looks really good. But I have basic questions

1. Under Project->Options-> Compiler flags, all what I see is a white space to type the flags?

I understand SF using gfortran compiler? 

It seems it would be much better to a have a list of these options displayed, and for users to check each flag they want to use, as that would be much easier and less error prone. Or are these options listed in the GUI somewhere else?

2. Is there an options to have SF use lower case for the Fortran keywords, when it does auto-completion as one types? Instead of UPPERCASE as it is now?

Thank you

Re: Where are the Fortran compiler options listed?

Most common compiler options are in other tabs in Project Options.  For example, the "Fortran" panel lists quite a few:

And "Code Generation" has a few more common options:

Right now, Fortran keywords will only autocomplete in uppercase.  Changing that is an option we should explore.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC