Topic: Simply Fortran 3.18?

Hi Jeff,

After using SF 3.18 for a couple of days, I noticed a file created on my computers hard drive always at location C:\Users\drfra\AppData\Local\Temp  During SF program building, most of the temporary files are removed, as they should be, when exiting SF.  However, this files remain.  If I'm correct, could SF also delete these files when exiting?

Finally, a totally different question regarding SF 3.18.  Could you explain the purpose of the reload file message after modifying a routine displayed in a tab ("The file has changed outside this tab. Reload file from disk?")  I'm not sure I understand what this message is meant to convey. Perhaps a rewording might make it more understandable.  I assume it was added to correct a problem in v2.0 during a project build request.

btw, congratulations on SF 3.18, very nice.