Topic: Probably dumb question

Using simply fortran but it often fails to use the version of code I have in the window.

Say I type

write(*,*) a.b

instead of

write(*,*) a,b

I get an error of course. I go fix it and save the file and save the project. F6 winds up giving me the same error as I can see it complaining about a.c

My horrible workaround is to save the file in a new name and reload it, ditching the old one. Pretty sure that aint right.


Re: Probably dumb question

Could you provide a bit more information?  What platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) are you using?  Does the file appear in the Project Outline?  Can you show what is displayed in the Build Status tab after you change the file, save it, and attempt the build?

Under the hood, Simply Fortran is just using a make utility to determine what needs to be recompiled based on the file's modification time.  I want to understand the steps you're going through to make sure I can hunt down the disconnect.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC