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Topic: No executsble generated

I'm a new trial user to SF.  I have legacy of Fortran and C experience and codes.  I'm trying a simple test to exercise the use of this app. 

I get an "okay" at building a Makefile, but when I launch the program I get "the specified executable does not exist.  A valid executable can be selected in Launch Options"

I go to Launch Options and don't get much help.

am I looking for something called "target.exe" or something else?  Help

When I hit Launch Project, I see alot of lines scrolling by that I don't have time to read, and then it tells me "the specified file doesn't exist ....."

how can I trap the fast scrolling lines?  Maybe there is info in there.

Re: No executsble generated

Can you start with simply building your project first via "Build Project" in the Build menu?  It sounds like the program isn't actually compiling.  Additionally, is your project set up as an executable?  I think the message "A valid executable can be selected in Launch Options" should only appear if you've selected to build a library.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC