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Hi Jeff,
I was attempting to evaluate the OpenACC libraries & noticed that they weren't using the GPU at all despite compiling without complaint. If I set the environment variable ACC_DEVICE_TYPE=NVIDIA, it gives an error "libgomp: device type NVIDIA not supported." From what I can find, this means that the compiler was built with support for GPU code offloading. The Gnu version that SF 3.30 uses (12.1) claims to support Openacc V2.6. I am running Windows 11. Is this a known problem or is it not built into the SF distribution version?

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We ship a custom libgomp that uses native Windows threading (as opposed to GCC, which requires a pthread shim to run on Windows).  I'm guessing it just needs to be upgraded.  I'll add it to the ever-growing list of 3.31 updates. 

We don't normally test OpenACC compatibility, though, especially with specific hardware.  I think your mileage may vary in the end.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Open ACC support

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for giving it some consideration. I agree with you when you say "mileage may vary", I'd like to see how it goes but I won't be betting the house on it just yet!