Topic: GMP Lib for SF?


Would it be possible to add a GMP library for fast-ultra precision to the SF Library Package?

For example,
GNU Multiple Precision Library (GMP) -MPFR Library ( )

I don't know whether they would be compatible with GCC and gfortran but I thought they would be a useful addition if it were possible.


Re: GMP Lib for SF?

The libraries you mentionned (GMP, MPFR, but also MPC) are already required to build the recent version of GNU Fortran.

So, they are available in the system library of Simply Fortran, but I don't know where...

Re: GMP Lib for SF?

The libraries are indeed required  to compile the compilers.  However, they are not available in the runtime libraries.  Only the compiler needs and has access to them (via their static linking into the compilers).  So, for example, the compiler is a 32-bit program which can generate both 32- and 64-bit object files.  When building the compiler itself, I only need to provide GMP in 32-bit form because it is needed internally by the compiler; objects compiled by said compiler would not have access to its routines.

I'll add these to the list to build.  They are all C libraries, so one would theoretically use the ISO_C_BINDING module to access their functionality.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC