Topic: Strange Warning

When 'Inline Error Display' is ticked in 'Language Features' of the 'Editor Settings', The Warning ' Nonexistent include directory "modules" ' appears in my source code. I don't have any modules in my source code.

Is there any reason for this ?

Re: Strange Warning

I always use modules so I have never seen this bug.

However, I just created a dummy program with no modules or use statements and this error occurred.

This is probably an oversight and this warning should not be generated if the file has no USE statements or INCLUDE statements in it (Jeff will you confirm?).

For now, a work-around is just to create an empty modules directory in the project directory; the warning will not then occur.


Re: Strange Warning

It's an oversight.  Most projects will have a "modules" directory if you attempt to build them at least once.  It should check that it exists prior to informing the syntax engine to set the corresponding flag to use said folder.

I'll see that it is fixed in 2.20.  For now, you can ignore the warning.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC