Topic: GTK-Fortran and GTK+2.0 for 64 Bit


I have been exploring GTK-Fortran for GTK+3.0 and find it quite promising. Only limitation is that it is limited to 32 Bit. If I want to make a 64 bit application, that limitation comes in. Since in my experience GTK+3.0 64 bit has quite glitches on Windows, can a binding for 64 Bit GTK+2.0 and GTK-Fortran be provided. Some feature may need to be reworked, but it can provide a good option for 64 Bit executable.

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Re: GTK-Fortran and GTK+2.0 for 64 Bit


My understanding is that 64-bit GTK+2 on Windows is actually far worse than GTK+3 and is completely unsupported.  I can try to proceed with a GTK+3 port of GTK-Fortran, but I think trying to build GTK-Fortran might be disappointing.  I've resisted earlier requests for 64-bit GTK+2 on these grounds in earlier instances.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC