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I cannot use "Find again" and "Replace/Find again" but "Find" has the function of  "Find" and "Replace". Also the short cuts are not to use

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I'm not sure I understand this bug.  Find Again and Replace/Find Again seem to work for me on Windows and GNU/Linux versions.  The "Find" menu option should open the find bar.  Hitting F3 (Find Again) seems to find the next occurrence.  Replace/Find Again is designed to work just like Find Again, but it will replace whatever the current selection is with whatever was last entered into the Replace box in the find bar.

Can you provide a step-by-step process where Find Again and Replace/Find Again don't work?

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

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Hi Jeff,
I have problems with Replace in the Edit menu
For example I want to replace myscreen  (see below) and I mark it by double click; next I hit Replace in the Edit menu suspecting a dlg nothing happens but myscreen is disappeared and replaced by nothing

    Real load_on_sup
    DIMENSION ACC(7,3),F(3,3)

Find, however, has also the full functionality of Replace by the bar at the top of the source window. It's working well
Might it be better to scratch separate replace in the edit menu and change Find... in Find/Replace ??

Thanks for the good service in the past and looking forward to working with Simply Fortran in the same way in the future.
Regards, Klaus

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The "Replace/Find Again" menu option was originally designed to work with the old Find dialog, which would be closed upon first search.  With the advent of the search bar, it is somewhat misleading in that it is meant to be used after an initial search.

The menu option should really stay as it does make sense in mid-search and provides an easy accelerator key.

To clear things up, though, the "Find Again" and "Replace/Find Again" menu options are now disabled unless the search bar is actually open.  I think that should clear matters up considerably.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC