Topic: Multiple SF R3 Developement Windows

As a recent R3 user, I have a question regarding multiple SF development windows. In R2, I was able to open many different projects, each with its own window. With R3, attempting to open a new project just opens a new tab in the currently open development window. I really prefer to have separate windows for each open project, as it really helps to keep work easily separated.

I have poked around in the options looking for a way to change this configuration but have not found any control for this. Hopefully there is a work around for this.

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Re: Multiple SF R3 Developement Windows


You can do two things:

1. Start Simply Fortran manually again and load a new project.  This should open a new window without any issues.

2. In the Appearance and Behavior options, you can go to the "Project Behavior" section and enable One project per window.  If you open a second project, it should open in a separate instance of Simply Fortran.

Let me know if you have problems with either method.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Multiple SF R3 Developement Windows

Thanks Jeff. I knew there had to be some sort of control for that feature, I was just too inept to find it. D'oh!
Works perfectly!