Topic: Cyrillic text in source code: comment and message output

Dear SF-developer,

I am checking now the old, lecasy code it will work in SF 3.13.
This was made for Windows7-32 & Command-console.
There are many comments in russian language as well a text for output to the console windows in cyrillic.

I looked at the code in the editor Notepad++ , in there all the comments can be read and understood.

In the Fortran IDE program, as in Simply Fortran , one do not understand the content.
I checked in another IDE program (Code::Block) just in case - same effect.

Is it possible to setup another fonts with cyrrilic or change the encoding in the editor of SF?

How can I an image with problem share or attach?

Best regards,

Re: Cyrillic text in source code: comment and message output

I would have to see some example code, but I'm not overly surprised.  Simply Fortran uses the Windows "ANSI" application programming interface almost everywhere, which treats a single byte as a single character.  Sometimes this actually works out okay in the editor, but generally other alphabets will not render properly.  We currently do not support changing the encoding of Simply Fortran at this time.

I apologize for the disappointing answer.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Cyrillic text in source code: comment and message output


Hallo Jeff,

thank you for your answer.
In this case, I look only two opportunities to do a support of the legacy FORTRAN code with comments and IO-Message in Cyrillic language: either to edit the all comments and message of IO- operators in third party editors , such as Notepad++/FAR-manager/etc…, or redo everything all text in English.

Thank you,