Topic: Fortran GUIs and in-window graphics on a Mac

For Mac users of SF without Appgraphics, a superb alternative is DISLIN, for which this  information from Helmut Michels, the author of DISLIN, may be really helpful:

for using Dislin on a Mac OS system, you need nearly the same libraries as for Linux. You need the X11 libraries for graphical output to a window, and OpenMotif for the widget features in Dislin. These libraries are not part of the operating system. They must be copied from external sources.

An X server and the X11 libraries for Mac OS are available from the site

      X11 libraries .

OpenMotif from

      OpenMotif-mac libraries.

Linking of programs can then be done with the library options


-L$DISLIN  -ldislin  -L/Applications/OpenMotif21/libs  -lXm

I'm using Dislin on a MacOS Sierra (10.12) system, but it was reported that is was also working on Catalina (10.15.). If you don't need the widget features of Dislin then, instead of installing OpenMotif, you can also download a dummy file for OpenMotif from

       Dislin .