Topic: FPP files

I need to compile a program that another wrote that includes about 80 FORTRAN files and 3 files with the extension fpp. My understanding is that these fpp files are the result of FORTRAN source files that have been put through a preprocessor. When I add these fpp files to the SF Project and attempt to Build the project, SF doesn't seem to recognize the fpp files. In other words, SF doesn't seem to identify the modules associated with these fpp files. Does SF recognize fpp files and/or what can I do to extract the modules from these fpp files in order to compile the program in SF?  BTW, I believe the author of the program originally compiled the source files in Intel Fortran. Thanks!

Re: FPP files

Simply Fortran will only compile Fortran files where the extension indicates it to be a Fortran source file.  A file ending in "fpp" implies that it is probably some sort of non-standard file that might require some processing first through a proprietary preprocessor.  Without seeing the file, I'm afraid I can't really speak to what modifications would be needed because I honestly don't know what they would contain.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC