Topic: Compiling multiple files

When modules and subroutines are included in a project as separate files in addition to the "main" source file, I get compile-time error, the main file not recognizing the modules and subroutines. If I pre-compile those modules and subroutines, then the main file recognizes them. These annoy me, since I do not experience these errors in other IDEs like Intel & Absoft.

Re: Compiling multiple files

Can you provide additional information?  Simply Fortran absolutely resolves module dependencies at build time and will build multiple files in a project in the correct order. 

Can you provide the full output of the "Build Status" window?

Alternatively, could you send a screenshot or your project file to  I suspect there may be a misunderstanding with your workflow.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Compiling multiple files

OK I emailed you a zip file.