Topic: Build/launch error 575

I'm not sure this is a new topic, but I'm having sporadic problems with build or launch of my exe. First, my first attempt to run my exe  after launch of SF gives me this error message, "Error launching", but it seems to build. If I launch my exe right after without a recompilation (no changes to any source file), it runs successfully. If I then make any change(s) to my source and then try to launch, I get the error message, "Process failed to start with error code 575. Contact". I also get the error message, "cannot open output file target.exe: Permission denied". Mcaffee has worked with me unsuccessfully to exclude target.exe from virus scanning.

Re: Build/launch error 575

Error 575 means:


    575 (0x23F)

    {Application Error} The application was unable to start correctly (0x%lx). Click OK to close the application.

The application is not initializing.  This error is usually caused by the virus scanner, though not necessarily.  Can you start your program, which is target.exe by default, from Windows Explorer every time?

The Mcaffee virus scanning product, especially the consumer version, seems exceptionally hostile towards executables produced by compilers on your local machine.  I assume you can "turn off" Mcaffee on your machine temporarily.  If you simply disable the virus scanner for a short time, does everything work as expected?

I personally just use Microsoft's virus protection that comes free with Windows.  I don't have any insight into why Mcaffee wouldn't work.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC