Topic: carriage control

As an 'old' fortran user, I would like to make my output prettier.  However, when I use the carriage control that I remember, nothing happens.  I tried using the option 'carriagecontrol='fortran' in the file open statement.  However that does not work.  I think that I tried using the -fdec option on the makefile option menu.  That did not work.  Has anybody tried using carriage control, and if so I would like some help.  Thank you,

Re: carriage control

The carriagecontrol option for the open statement is a weird, Intel-only option, and our compiler certainly does not support it.  A lot of the functionality of early format extensions in other compilers has been supplanted by using the advance option in read and write statements and the new_line function (which returns the platform's new line sequence). 

What exactly are you trying to do that we might be able to suggest an alternative?

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC