Topic: Where did the toolbar tools go?

I am only seeing four tools - the tooltips don't pop up - on the toolbar (the broom/dustpan, build, launch, debug).
I've looked at Preferences Appearance and Behavior and "Call Tips" is checked - if that's what causes the textual description of the tools to appear)

I put ToolBar in all the search boxes I could find. It only appeared in the Simply Fortran Interface documentation file with a display of the full toolbar but no words about how to edit/remove/replace tools that are part of the standard set.

Launching my old programs shows the full toolbar set so somehow, in preferences, I must have turned all but those four off. I don't see any indication of where that might have been done. I did switch the theme back and forth from light to dark and I did specify colors for comments, keywords, etc.

But I don't recall anything about abbreviating the visible tools in the toolbar.

How do I restore it?

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Re: Where did the toolbar tools go?


Assuming you're on macOS or Linux, you've probably checked the "Use Header Bar and Client-side Decorations" box available in the Appearance and Behavior Options.  If you uncheck it and restart Simply Fortran, it will return to the state you're expecting.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Where did the toolbar tools go?

Yaaa smile
I know I tried unchecking that box at least once, but I didn't do the "restart" step.
Now, all is good.
Thank you.