Topic: How to find defs and syntax for commands?

When I try to find a definition and syntax for some keyword I go to the help screens. Under "Index" I type in the key word (say Print  or Write) and sure enough (usually) I get displayed a page.  However that page does not contain the def or syntax for the subject keyword.  Why not?  Where can I go to get those?

Re: How to find defs and syntax for commands?

The compiler manual we include doesn't contain references for Fortran language statements, most notably WRITE, PRINT, and OPEN.  The manual does contain references for intrinsic procedures, but basic Fortran syntax isn't included (though it is certainly at least as complicated as the intrinsic procedure library).  When you search for WRITE, you won't get documentation for the WRITE statement.

It's an unfortunate shortcoming of our documentation.  I normally suggest some good Fortran books for users looking for reference materials for these base Fortran statements.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC