Topic: simply fortran apostrophe symbol input issue, windows english(UK)

Hello, I have ran into an unexpected issue in that:

When inputting an apostrophe ( ' ) with my keyboard a grave ( ` ) is entered into the text editor instead.

This only occurs when my input language in windows is set to English (United Kingdom).  When the input language for simply fortran is set to English (United States) apostrophes can be entered as expected.

simply fortran version number is 3.24 build number 3734

and my windows version is:

Edition    Windows 10 Pro
Version    21H1
Installed on    22/09/2021
OS build    19043.1706
Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0

the system language is set to English (United Kingdom) with UK standard USB keyboard attached

Re: simply fortran apostrophe symbol input issue, windows english(UK)

This bug was also reported by another UK user some time ago.  You should be able to fix it by changing a simple option in the Appearance and Behavior Options window.  Under Editor Styles, you can check the box marked: Map Grave Accent to Single Quote.

That should cause the editor to emit a single quote in your case.  I'm not sure why the editor behaves that way in English (UK) mode.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC