Topic: How does the settextboxentercallback work?

the syntax of the command is
it is evidently undocumented as to how the specified callback subroutine learns the index for which it is to provide code.
A callback doesn't seem to work, if I assume that the index is passed as the textbox's integer argument of the callback routine.
So what does work?


Re: How does the settextboxentercallback work?


The callback is routine that accepts no arguments in this case.  The developer would have to write code where the subroutine acting as the callback would be specific to the particular control.  In other words, the callback knows that its being called was due to a specific control.  There would have to be a way to access the index of the control from that point.

That said, the current callback situation in AppGraphics can be quite unwieldy because the control indices are never passed.  We're planning on offering a revised callback format that could, in fact, accept some expected arguments.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC