Topic: compiler error

Using the following construct in a f90/95 code, I get the message; "format label 303 not defined:

  WRITE(20,303)PD2SIG*100., PDTOT2S*100., PEFF2S
303 FORMAT(' FISSION DECAY POWER (+2 SIGMA) (%)        = ', F10.5/ \&
' TOTAL DEC.POWER (+2 SIGMA)  (%)           = ', F10.5/ \&
' TOTAL DEC.POWER (+2 SIGMA) (MW)           = ', F10.5)

What is wrong here?


Re: compiler error


Try removing the forward slash '\' from the first and second lines of the format statement, but leave the ampersands '&'.
You can also use the star '*' character to display results in the write statement: write(*,303).