Topic: createmultilinetext box limit?

Is there a limit to the number of lines that can be displayed in a multilinetextbox?

Re: createmultilinetext box limit?

There shouldn't be a limit, but I can find anything definitive yet.  There does seem to be a character limit of 2^31 characters, though.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: createmultilinetext box limit?

Hi Jeff,

Briefly, following along the lines of your example, I created a parent window (initwindow) and a multi-line text box (createmultilinetextbox). Then added your autotext module (assignunit). Everything worked as expected. I could write characters (text) to the textbox, scroll, erase the screen, and write more text to the wiindow, etc.

Here's the problem that I'm experiencing.  I'm displaying text results from a regression analysis routine that produces multiple sets of resulting data. I can populate the textbox perfectly until it reaches about 548 lines of text and then it stops scrolling. When I try and add more text to the existing text, nothing further occurs (no more text was added, but remains stalled at 548). If I then 'clear' the textbox using null characters, then I can proceed normally and add text, but only up to about 548 lines. BTW, I confirmed that the text data being written to the textbox was not at all truncated, only that which was written in the textbox.

So here's my question, is there a way to increase the limit or buffer space of the createmultilinetextbox so that at least 1000 lines of text could be written?

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