31 Editable file locations

by JohnWasilewski

32 FPP files

by Nels Ruud

34 Compile one source file

by JohnWasilewski

35 AppGraf Mac, Lin

by JohnWasilewski

36 Apple silicon support

by ranjith

37 Fortran TCP/IP sockets

by peter.kelly

39 SF3Win under LinWINE

by JohnWasilewski

41 c and c++ project

by kmutiny

44 compiler downgrade

by Carlos Herrera

45 Call to system function

by grogley

47 Fortran 77

by marks

48 Free Format source code files

by brian_concannon


by norman2594niles

52 Using OpenMPI

by GS76

54 module

by syoung

55 Windows apps

by AmbiPresse

56 Aplot suggestion?

by drfrank

57 Aplot Questions

by grogley

59 Aplot

by drfrank