31 Shapes

by tun_day

32 Merge Sort Routine

by drfrank

35 Editor drag&drop malfunction

by JohnWasilewski

36 Opening binary file

by Mikhail

38 Compilation error

by zamir.afsar

39 Disenable MPI feature

by JulesVerne

40 Cairo calling

by Carlos Herrera

41 Problem with compiling

by ranjith

43 Using DISLIN with SF in MacOS

by JohnWasilewski

44 Editable file locations

by JohnWasilewski

45 FPP files

by Nels Ruud

47 Compile one source file

by JohnWasilewski

48 AppGraf Mac, Lin

by JohnWasilewski

49 Fortran TCP/IP sockets

by peter.kelly

51 SF3Win under LinWINE

by JohnWasilewski

53 c and c++ project

by kmutiny

56 compiler downgrade

by Carlos Herrera

57 Call to system function

by grogley

59 Fortran 77

by marks

60 Free Format source code files

by brian_concannon