I suggest adding a 'save all' action under both the project and file menus, the purpose being to save the current PROJECT as well as all currently-open FILES, in a single action.

The program code should of course avoid needless disk activity by saving the project and all open files only to the extent that each of the above has actually changed since it was last saved.

At present, whenever I think it's time I saved my work, I have to peer at all the file tabs one to see which one needs saving, then left-click on each tab, then right-click on it, then slide down the options list, then left-click on save, then repeat the process for the next one, then when all files are saved I have to save the project.

How much better to accomplish all this in a single three-key clank on the keyboard!   I therefore suggest that this would be a great help, especially if  a shortcut can be found, as well as adding it to the menus. Ctrl-Alt-S available?



Saving all files at once would probably be useful to most users.  I think this key combination is available.  It would also appear in the File menu.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC