Topic: jfix function?


I am in the process of getting the TRNSYS system to compile under Simply Fortran. I now run into an issue with the 'jfix' function, the compiler complains it has no implicit type.

Error: Function 'jfix' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type

I understand the jfix function is originally from DEC fortran, converting (almost) any argument to integer(4).

Interestingly, the compiler does not say the function is not recognized - but it is not defined in the project source files anywhere.

Anybody knows about this?


Henk Witte

Re: jfix function?

The compiler wouldn't say it isn't recognized because, if it appears to be a function syntactically, the compiler wouldn't be able to determine if it were a function or possibly an array.  Both would look the same to the compiler.  The error message is the proper Fortran response to not understanding something like:

i = jfix(x)

There is no direct equivalent in our compiler.  Can you determine why jfix is being used?  It may make sense to use floor instead.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC