Topic: Simply Slatec

I downloaded the Slatec library with the package manager. I am trying to do an integration using dGaus8. I get the following error:

Undefined reference to 'dGaus8'

I tried putting -slatec in the compiler fortran field, and then selecting then adding the library using build browse, and using search directories seperatly. each gave me the same error. I an trying to integrate a half-wave rectifier output voltage.

What is happening here?

Re: Simply Slatec

You shouldn't need to add any search directories; by default, Simply Fortran searches the package manager's library directories.

You do need to add a compiler flag.  In Project Options, go to the Compiler Flags tab.  You can leave the Fortran box blank.  In the Linker box, add:


and it should now properly link to the SLATEC library the next time you build your project.  If it doesn't work, let us know!

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Simply Slatec

Thanks Jeff

It compiles and builds perfectly now.