Topic: Executable not always closing

SF 2.37.2440

I'm currently wading through acres of debugging, which involves:
       Small changes to the code,
       F6 'Build'
       F5 green 'Launch project' to test the result
       Stop the project using one of:
          - Menu in the project: File>close
          - Windows {*} gadget
          - SF's red 'Terminate' gadget
       Go back to the code
   UNTIL it works.

I am finding that, about half the time, my F6 'Build' attempts fail because, although my project appears to have closed, and to ended - for its Window has gone, the SF green F5 'Launch project' gadget has re-appeared - it has not.   Windows Task Manager reveals a malevolent zombie of my project executable still wandering aimlessly and uselessly about, preventing me from moving on, until I kill it off in Task Manager.  This is easy to do but it's a trifle slow, and therefore rather tedious.

Could any way be found in SF to close hidden remnants of project executables?

Re: Executable not always closing

Simply Fortran currently does attempt to "unpleasantly" terminate applications if they don't close in a timely manner when requested.  My only guess is that, in your case, the executable isn't exactly trivial, and some program threads are not terminating as one would expect.  Are you by any chance using DISLIN?

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC