Topic: aplot result saving

Is there any way to save an aplot plot other than .bmp?  For example, I'd like to save as .jpg or .tiff



Re: aplot result saving

and, to add to larryds' request, could the plot be saved by program call and not just by a manual operation? .png seems a popular graphic format too.

Re: aplot result saving

I can look into the Microsoft imaging API to see if we can add some formats, though it may cause compatibility issues.  It might be possible, but I don't want to introduce any additional dependencies on Aplot.

Aplot on Linux and macOS both only support single formats as well (PNM on Linux, PNG on macOS).  We won't be able to add formats on Linux.

For the time being, I would suggest converting the images (if necessary) in Windows Paint or another equivalent graphics package.

Saving the plot programmatically is difficult because Aplot blocks program operation until the window is closed.  There would have to be some sort of major change that would allow the program to continue even after the plot is shown.  I can look into it.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC