Topic: Project issues tab - request

I like very much this new feature but it's a bit of a nuisance that it displays the full pathname for each source file, and there's a slightly odd thing it does.

My preference would be to have a left and right arrow icon at the head of the list with the left arrow collapsing the pathnames to just the source filenames and the right arrow expanding filenames to pathnames.
My second preference would be to display only the source filenames, and not display the pathnames at all.

Re: Project issues tab - request


The full pathnames were a design decision, but it sounds like it might not have been the correct one.  The reason the full name was used was because the issues display is flat; it does not form a tree like the project outline.  Therefore, in case some files have the same base name, the entire path is displayed.  However, I think now that the number of cases where the base names will be the same is far smaller than the number of users who would be annoyed by the full path display.  I'll think of a better way to display this.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC