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Topic: Project issues tab - strange jumping

Currently, when I select this tab, its displays the full pathnames, but after a while the horizontal scroll bar in the LH pane starts to jump to the centre of the scroll field, causing the pathnames to be displayed with the [+] / [-]  icons at the LH end of each line, for expanding/collapsing each file's  error/warning message list, concealed from view.  It is sometimes hard to get the m back because, when I scroll to the left, the horizontal scroll bar often jumps back to fast for me.

Re: Project issues tab - strange jumping


The outline panel is probably jumping due to changes to files on disk or ongoing background syntax checking.  As more warnings and errors are discovered, the outline panel is updated in real-time.  I would guess the jumping is caused by the background updates.

I'll experiment, but I suspect that if the horizontal scroll bar wasn't necessary (if full pathnames weren't used, for example), the jumping would not occur.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC