Topic: Version number

Though not at all important, I do think I'd find it both interesting, and sometimes helpful, if the SF 'Help/About' page mentioned the version numbers for the currently-embedded versions of the Fortran 'engine', especially the GCC/GFortran compiler but possibly also the linker. 

A collossal amount of work has obviously gone into developing SF, so I would understand completely if
Approximatrix prefers the Help/About screen to be expressly 'about' SF, not the its embedded components.  Perhaps, instead of naming these on the 'about' screen, there could be just a discreet '5.3.0' etc, in small print, in the bottom LH corner?

Re: Version number


I don't have a problem with showing the GNU Fortran version.  I'll see what can be done.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC