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Topic: Slightly strange behaviour of Editor font selection

This applies to the the Raspberry Pi implementation of SF - specifically, under Raspbian.
I haven't yet tested it on another Linux installation, so I don't know whether its like this only under Raspbian or for all Linux.

When I use  Options > Editor > Colors and Fonts
..and change the Editor font:

Changing a font size, mostly, does what it says on the tin. 
In the source files editor, the editing font:
- type changes as selected.
- size grows or shrinks as selected.

But when I select a boldface font, this seems not to do as I asked.
It does change the font appearance but not by making it bold. 
Selecting boldface closes up the character spacing (which I like), but it doesn't seem to darken the characters as expected.

I just thought you'd like a report, Jeff.

Re: Slightly strange behaviour of Editor font selection


You're right, it does ignore the font style choices entirely.  I'll have to look into implementing it.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC