Topic: Expiration ... Message Box; undue

I've just installed Simply Fortran for a 30 day trial, under Windows 10.
When I first open the program, toghether with the start page I get the message
"This installation of Simply Fortran has expired".

I could barely type the first program; but when I select "Build!" there comes again
the "Expiration ..." Message Box and nothing happens. The same occurs if I click
on "Launch!".

Re: Expiration ... Message Box; undue


Have you ever installed Simply Fortran on that machine in the past?  Two things may have happened: it may have found that Simply Fortran version 2.x was installled before or the installer was unable to write some information during the installation process.

If you contact me directly at, I may be able to help.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC