Topic: Question on Compatibility Between SF and MingGW

Hello All,

A colleague wrote a program that runs fine for him under MingGW. He has to leave the project and this has saddled me with now running the program having zero fortran experience ( I have experience in other languages).  SF looks GREAT and is very user friendly and I really don't want to go to a command line.

I can load, compile and run the program to the end. It has to read in numeric data from a .txt file for processing and it seems that is not happening since the results are all zeros. So I am asking if there would be a difference between the two programs that anyone is aware of?  Are there any settings etc. that might help?

My colleague is being less that helpful at this point so I am trying here.


Tom Kaye

Re: Question on Compatibility Between SF and MingGW


Simply Fortran uses the MinGW ports of the GNU C and Fortran compilers, so I highly doubt there is a compatibility issue.  Can you check to ensure that the text file is actually read properly?  I would suggest possibly adding a simple Print *, var in the routine where data is being read just to make sure data is actually being read in.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Question on Compatibility Between SF and MingGW

Thank you Jeff that is what I needed!