Topic: user defined project template

It would be a nice addition if the user could either define their own set of project templates, or the default template options could be changed so that they are available from one session to the next.  For example, some users may want to change the default command line/console project settings to include run time diagnostics.  Currently, they need to do this for every new project they start.

One idea would be to allow the defaults to be changed by the user (a perfect spot would be to use the main toolbar "Options" dropdown change the SF default options).  The main toolbar "Project" dropdown would continue to allow changing the options for the currently open project.

Another idea would be to include a small tool for the Toolbox that allows the user to make their own project templates with whatever default options they wish to include.

Re: user defined project template

A variation of the second scenario, a separate tool, might be the route we'd have to go.  The default list of project types and templates are stored in a database, and the "default" options are just in a pre-made project file within that database for one type of project.  Making new templates would be the preferable method since Simply Fortran can read in external templates (which is how the SF Package Manager works).

The difficulty is determining the best way to handle creating templates.  I'll have to look into it, but it would be integrated directly into Simply Fortran.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: user defined project template

The user interface for creating a project template could be really simple.  Just add add a option in the project menu that allows "save options as project template" which creates in entry in the project template database containing the current project options. 

Hopefully you will be able to add this feature someday as it will be very useful addition to SF's feature set.