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Jeff, I wonder whether you have considered providing a facility in SF to keep notes on an ongoing project - so we can jot down reminders and comments, or a 'to-do' list in an instantly retrievable form that attaches to a project.
I always use a text file which I save in the project source directory, but it doesn't open automatically because I can't ADD it to a project, so I have to retrieve it manually every time I resume my development work.

- allow .txt files to be added to the project, and ignored during BUILD operations.
- provide a 'To-Do' list drop-down in the SF menus.

Re: 'Project notes' suggestion


Text files can always be added to a project, and the build process will ignore them.  That always should have been the case.  I regularly have text files within my project.

A todo list is a good idea, and I think it could be added.  A lot of other development environments will scan source for comments containing TODO items to add to a list automatically.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

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Re: 'Project notes' suggestion

Thanks for the tip.  I didn't know I could add .txt files to a project.  That's going to be very useful.

Re: 'Project notes' suggestion

I "attach" many different types of files in my projects (.txt, .in, .dat, etc).  They are "saved" with the project and the build ignores them.