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I build the .DLL file by going into 'Project Options'. I included target name with an extension, .DLL. Used shared library with 32 bit. All the rest of the options are set to default. I can successfully generate the .DLL file. However, when I call this file in Excel, I get an error message that it cannot find DLL entry point. Does anyone know why??

Re: Can't find DLL entry point...

Hello again,

By the way, I am using below statement to export the subroutine into DLL.


However, doing some googling, I saw that above '!DEC$' is no good for SilverFrost Fortran. Is this a case for Simply Fortran too? If so, which statement should I use??

Re: Can't find DLL entry point...

The !DEC$ attributes should work properly with Simply Fortran.  However, you'll need some additional work to get the DLL to be callable by 32-bit Excel.  The situation with 32-bit DLLs is somewhat complicated, but we've written an article about it:

After reading the articles, let us know if you run into more problems.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC