Topic: Getting rid of a subroutine in the makefile

I had two versions of the same subroutine "Correl" source-code and both are showing up in the makefile. When I try to compile a new program, I get the error message "Makefile(43): Error: More than one command list found for (build\Correl.o)"  I have deleted both versions of the Correl source-code and object file as well as all calls to the subroutine but I still get the message. I now have no reference to the offending subroutine but I can't remove it from the makefile. Any suggestions?

Re: Getting rid of a subroutine in the makefile


I've since replied privately, but the error you're seeing is because two source files with identical names are referenced by the same project.  Deleting a file from disk doesn't actually remove the reference to the source file from your Simply Fortran project.  You need to actually remove the file from the Project Outline panel to remove it from a project.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC