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I don't have Windows.  I use only Linux. 
I use SF3Lin. 

I have also, in the past, run SF2Win from Linux, and SF2Win-generated .exe files from Linux.

What happens is that Linux just invokes WINE automatically in the background and this runs each of the above, as native Intel code but in a Windows window instead of a Linux window.  This includes .exe files produced with SF2Win from code contaiing many DISLIN calls for a GUI.  It all runs seamlessly in Linux.

Does this still work with SF3Win?
Does anyone know if WINE has all the necessary libraries to support .exe code generated by SF3Win from source code that includes Appgraphics calls?

I'm very much expecting the answer to be yes to all of the above, but it would be helpful to have this confirmed if anyone can help with this.

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Simply Fortran 3 runs fine under WINE, as does AppGraphics.  If there were a problem with either, it would be considered a bug.  The development environment is shockingly compatible, and it still runs fine under Windows 2000, in fact.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

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Fantastic.  I thought you’d say that!
Very good discipline you must enforce in all your development, Jeff.

Everything works, as always!

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Re: SF3Win under LinWINE

SF Win 3.13.3319

After using SF3 Linux for some while, as well as SF2Win Linux WINE, I've at last upgraded my SF2Win to SF3Win, for continuing using it with Linux WINE.  It runs OK of course, just as SF2 did, but there's something odd.

I've just sent two screenshots to illustrate this, by comparison between SF2 and SF3 for Windows.
See email:

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SF2 looks completely normal, just as I have watched SF's 'desktop' evolve.
SF3, though, is not a pretty sight!

The shading that enhances SF's appearance and readability is missing.
Menus are scrunched together
Icons seem rather anaemic, and are also a bit jammed to the left

Have you picked up enough understanding of WINE over time to have any idea what I might have done to it?

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For a quick fix in the menus, you can try to open Appearance and Behavior under Options.  In the Appearance section, switch the Menu Mode to "System" to use standard Windows menus.  That should at least partially help.

I'm not seeing the artefacts you are under Debian or Ubuntu, so I'll have to see if I can replicate it.  The menu font seems to be completely wrong when drawn, so that's a starting point.

Also, Simply Fortran 3 on Windows is a much "flatter" experience than version 2.  There are far fewer colors displayed in the developer environment.  You might prefer dark mode over the blinding white mode that is default.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

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Thanks Jeff.  I should have looked more closely before asking!
Menu mode > System   Fixes the menu fonts.
I prefer the ‘light’ theme, but with a feint dash of grey background.
Pity to lose the pretty icons, but it’s what they do that matters, not what they look like, I suppose.

My distro is Zorin, which I believe is a Ubuntu/Debian derivative.
I have set winecfg Graphics>ScreenRes to 144dpi for readability.  This is what is scrunching the ‘themed’ menus.  Lowering it to 120dpi opens them up a bit but the lettering is then too small.  I’m also finding that these labels don’t seem to be scalable with changes in ScreenRes dpi:
- Project Outline
- Start
- All Files

- Themed menu names
   (The spaces seem to re-scale but the lettering doesn’t)
   (System menus do re-scale, though)

- Project
- Outline
- Element Search
- Modules
- Text Search
- Problems
- Debug

- Search

- Ready

- All my source file names
   In the Project Outline (extremely small)

All the above are so tiny that I have to peer close to the screen to read them.  The system menu labels do re-size nicely though.

I’ll send another screenshot as above.

Thank you for your help and I hope the feedback is useful.

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Simply Fortran has never considered DPI when computing font sizes.  Version 3.14 should fix this, though.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

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Thanks Jeff.  You're a star!