Topic: How to quickly transfer a project from DVF6.6 into SF3.x ?

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could you please say how to convert the DSP/DSW-Projects from Microsoft Developer Studio (IDE of Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6) to SF-IDE ?
I have the projects in CF6.6 but will be it to implement into SF3. The design has a lot of source code, which are linked together and are in different folders. One can of course the source-files transfer, if one looks the structure of the project in *.dsp/*.dsw and projects - files to all relationships between it manually.

Another question. It is possible to make in GUI the such calling-tree of source code as well a relationship between subroutine’s and functions?

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Re: How to quickly transfer a project from DVF6.6 into SF3.x ?

We don't have a utility to import Compaq/Digital Visual Fortran projects directly into Simply Fortran.  However, you might try the feature to Import..., or Create a project from an existing source directory.  If you select the topmost directory of your old Compaq/Digital project, Simply Fortran will create a simple project that contains every file under that directory in a project.  Some files will be useless to Simply Fortran, such as the old DSW/DSP files.  But all the Fortran source code in the directory tree should be recognized and imported as-is. 

The Import... feature is available on the Start panel under the list of "Recent Projects" or by selecting New Project from the "Project" menu.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC