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I am hacking my way through generating a plot in appgraphics and while checking some of the call syntax, I come across Aplot on your site. It would appear that using Aplot would be a whole lot easier. However, checking the forum activity, it seems that it many not work as I might need it to, hence some questions.

As I mentioned, my code is an appgraphics application and I would like to add an Aplot graph to one of the my two plotting view ports. From what I see, it looks like Aplot creates a separate window to plot into. That isn't necessarily bad but it needs to be  created as "child" window (not sure that is the right terminology) in appgraphics and must be able to be positioned into a stable point in the appgraphics window. Can that be done?

In addition, I create screen captures (to make videos) and the Aplot window must be part of the screen captures. Will the Aplot graph be part of the screen capture?

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You can save Aplot plot as a bitmap file and then display it within AppGraphics
window. However, with the current version of Aplot,  it must be done "by hand",
not programmatically. Or you may use some external library to generate plot
bmp. For example dislin, which recently become free and can be linked statically.

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Carlos summarized the current situation pretty well.  You cannot embed Aplot plots in anything right now.

Such a change to the code is possible, though.  Aplot uses AppGraphics as its backend on Windows for drawing.  Conceptually, the plot could be generated in any AppGraphics window rather than creating a window specific to each plot.  The situation is just complicated, though.  I'll try to look at the code this week, but I can't make any promises.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Aplot Questions

Thanks Jeff and Carlos!

I suspected that answer and just dived into hacking my plot together with the appgraphics package calls. At this point, I am reasonably happy with the result but I am still tweaking it to get visual appeal and utility correct.

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