Topic: Problems using AppGraphics (SF version 3.23)

1. The help has been inadequate for me. Especially it is unclear how the textbox can ever get more than 1 line. How?
2. I seem to find that the textbox routines somehow change something hidden so that the program has unexpected behavior afterwards. For example, when using graphics routine outtextxy, the position of the text was not what would be expected even though the x and y values were correct. I was able to overcome this by calling graphdefaults(). However, when I did this, my menus became non-functional so there was no further response to any menus and the menu function to quit no longer worked either. It feels like there are thread issues and the graphdefaults call did something to prevent correct behavior. Because of previous problems I suspect some internal corruption occurs when using textbox functions.
3. It would really help to see a good example program that uses all the features of the textbox. Especially multi-line.
4. It would be nice to know the additional things that graphdefaults does that are not described in the help.
5. Is there anyway to change the textcolor of  text in the textboxes? Color control seems only possible for the graphics functions.

Re: Problems using AppGraphics (SF version 3.23)

Sorry for the confusion, I'll try to address each point here:

1. It appears that the docs for createmultilinetextbox didn't get included in the release of 3.23.  You can read how to use it online at the moment until we get a new build out.

2. Using text boxes or any Windows control (buttons, lists, etc.) should not have any effect on calls to pure graphics routines, including outtextxy.  I'm not sure what exactly the issue would be, but can you provide an example of problematic code?

I wouldn't recommend using graphdefaults since it does so many things.  If you are using viewports, though, which absolutely will affect calls to outtextxy (but not Windows controls...), I would recommend just using resetviewport.  I will look into graphdefaults; it might be unaware of menus.

3. I'll try to create an example program for multiline text boxes.  The only real "features" would be cursor positioning and text insertion/removal.  Those routines also work fine on a single line text box.

4. Again, graphdefaults is a legacy command from Borland's BGI API, and it probably shouldn't be used.  I'll see if it breaks when menus are present.  If it is broken, I'll see that it is fixed.

5. You cannot change text color in text boxes, no.  I doubt that will be added anytime soon since it is drastically more complex than it seems it should be.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC