Topic: Why no graphics window?

Code below compiles but will not run.  Keeps saying, "Attempting to draw to a graphics window without declaring a window."  Why does my "initwindow" command not work?  Also, where can I find a list of integer IDs for font families?

program main
use appgraphics
implicit none
    integer::x, y, r, i
    logical:: pt = .TRUE.
    logical:: db = .FALSE.
    logical:: cf = .TRUE.
    call settextstyle(5,0,5)
    myscreen = initwindow(800, 600, "Primitives", 0, 0, db, cf)
    ! Pw = getactivepage()   
    do while(x <= 800)
      call clearviewport 
      call circle(x,y,r)
      call outtextxy(x,y,char(r),pt)

Re: Why no graphics window?

You're calling settextstyle prior to initializing the window.  That call has to happen after the window is created.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC