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Topic: Non-standard line length problem

Hi Jeff.

When I select a non-standard line length longer than 132, it works correctly for that session.  However, if I exit and reload at a later time, the default of 132 is restored.  In other words, it's not saving the line length option.  I thought it wasn't much of a problem but now I find that it truncates any statement longer that 132 characters


Re: Non-standard line length problem


The non-standard line length is a project option, meaning you'll need to save your project again after setting it. Apparently, though, changing the value doesn't seem to trigger the internal "project modified" flag and ask you to save your project before closing Simply Fortran or switching to a new project.  So there is a bug, but the setting should persist in current versions if you manually save your project after setting it.

Jeff Armstrong
Approximatrix, LLC

Re: Non-standard line length problem

Thanks, Jeff.  I'll try to remember to click "Save Project" after I make the change.